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HPAC offers scholarships to students and adults to expand access to arts in Hastings and Prescott. The evaluation of scholarship applications can take up to five weeks, please plan accordingly.

  1. Pick a medium! A medium is whatever type of art you want to create and learn. 

  2. Find a teacher. This is a critical step, since HPAC will only funnel awarded scholarships through individual teachers or institutions that administer lessons.

  3. Apply online here: HPAC Scholarship for Art Submission Form

  4. If unable to use the link above, fill out the PDF HPAC Scholarship Form then please submit by e-mail/scan to or submit by mail to HPAAC at PO Box 370, Hastings MN 55033.

  5. The scholarship application will be reviewed by the HPAC Planning and Program Committee.

  6. Within five weeks of submission, you will receive confirmation or denial via e-mail from HPACC regarding your scholarship. 


Go forth! Make art! Questions about scholarships can be directed to


HPAC Scholarship for Art: Policy and Procedures

HPAC is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to fostering the arts in the Hastings and Prescott area. As part of its mission, HPAC provides scholarships for people of all ages who wish to develop or improve their artistic talents. In addition, HPAC offers limited funding for community partners who are creating and offering opportunities in the arts for our communities and citizens.

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Program and Planning committee of HPAC in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the HPAC Board of Directors. Considerations for selection include:

  • Scholarships are offered to students of all ages.

  • Scholarships are awarded on a first-come-first served basis as funds are available.

  • Scholarship recipients must live in Hastings, Prescott, or the surrounding rural communities.

  • The lessons/activities for which the scholarships are sought should be offered within Hastings, Prescott, or the surrounding rural communities (exceptions may be considered on an individual basis).

  • Scholarships will be administered through the school, studio, or instructor selected by the student.

  • Scholarships may be applied for once per student per year from the date of first application.

  •  Scholarships may be granted for such things as:

    • Lessons

    • Workshops

    • Conferences

    • Exhibit or performance entrance fees

    • School arts activities

    • Supplies, tools, or instruments

      • Receipts will be requested from applicants for purchases

    • Other opportunities requested by students and at the discretion of HPAC 

The HPAC Program and Planning committee may consider scholarships on an individual basis for other purposes, not previously defined, that further the mission of fostering arts in our communities.

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